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Module 1 | Lesson 2: Meet your DIM, SIMs!

Module 1 | Lesson 2:
Meet your DIM, SIMs!

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DIM = Danger In Me
SIM = Safety In Me

The NOI Institute in Adelaide, Australia, developed the concept of DIM/SIMs as a practical tool for people in pain to identify situations, people etc that contribute to their pain experiences.

As described previously, pain exists when your credible evidence of ‘danger’ is greater than your credible evidence of ‘safety’. Pain does NOT exist when your credible evidence of safety is greater that your credible evidence of danger.

We all have different things that trigger a sense of ‘danger’ or ‘safety’ in us. Our personal settings and tolerance levels may be higher or lower than others.

The NOI Institute also developed the Protectometer, which as its name suggests is a tool (guide) to identify ways to protect yourself. It was developed to identify your protective feelings around pain. It includes:

  • the things you see, hear, smell, and taste;
  • the things you say;
  • the places you go;
  • the things you do;
  • the things you think and believe;
  • the people in your life.

Filling in the Protectometer assists you to discover how your brain is affected by the quality of your thinking. So it is vital to use words conducive to your healing.

You can download the Protectometer handout here. 

Here are some questions to get you started filling in the Protectometer

Finding DIMS:
What do you know/think contributes to your current state of discomfort?
i.e. what creates a sense of ‘danger’ in you?
What things in life are worrying you at the moment?
What else is going on at the same time as your pain?
How are you traveling day-to-day? 

Aim to fill in each of the DIM boxes with at least one example. Don’t be concerned if you can’t fill them all in, more examples will come. Then look at the comparative SIM box and take an approach to each DIM, that involves new learning. In this way you can begin to move a DIM to become a SIM.

Finding SIMS:
What are the things that make you feel comfortable in your life at the moment?
Where do you go, or who do you seek out, to talk with?
Can you think of a time recently when your discomfort was less severe, even a little? What was different about the environment, activity?

On the next page are some examples (and reasons) that can assist moving a DIM to a SIM.

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