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Module 1 | Lesson 4: Lying soma scan

Module 1 | Lesson 4:
Lying soma scan

Somatic movement awareness invites you to explore gentle movements and re-acquaint yourself with muscles of your body that, when held unconsciously, contribute to chronic pain patterns. Through gentle, pain free movements you learn how to move your body with a deep sense of awareness, regaining freedom of movement, mobility, strength and co-ordination, improving posture and reducing pain.

When you become more attuned to your body in this way, you regain access to a vast range of feedback that is constantly being provided, not only about your physical state, but about your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

The Flower: This practice recalibrates your back and front body (or balancing your red light/green light muscles) on your back. This aligns and releases your (tight) muscles without force or strain. You contrast tight muscle contraction with easeful, slow lengthening. This results in a conscious awareness how to move without tension.

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