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Module 2 | Lesson 3: Feel your fascia

Module 2 | Lesson 3:
Feel your fascia

All forms of yoga asana (movement) can be described as yin or yang, depending on which tissues in the body they target. A yang practice focuses on exercising muscle, a yin practice focuses on connective tissue. 

Every bone, muscle and organ in your body is formed by a framework of connective tissue. Your fascia is broad bands of connective tissue that attaches, encloses and separates muscles and other internal organs – it has been likened to ‘cling’ wrap! Connective tissue responds to moderate ‘stress’ to allow the fascia to realign and grow, hence positions are held for 3-5 minutes.

This lesson focuses on movements that create and develop ease and lightness in the body, a yin approach. Hence, they are most beneficial for changing uncomfortable or ‘painful’ sensations in the body, reducing ‘danger signals’ to the brain and thereby re-patterning your brain-body connections.

Much of our habitual movement relates to muscular strength (yang). Maintaining movement of the joints to prevent stiffness requires changing the ‘stress’ on the tissues. The connective tissue that forms our joints can be safely and desirably moved by gentle stretching in yin yoga positions. 

Enjoy these practices below. 

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