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Experience Yoga

Module 3 | Rest

How to get the most out of this Module:

  • prioritise and schedule regular time in your day/week.
  • stick to the program – work through the lessons in sequence, it’s for a reason!
  • be patient with yourself – change takes time.
  • avail yourself of ways to stay connected, below.

Our community
Online learning has many benefits, such as the convenience of practising when it suits you. However, remember that you are not in this alone!

Our closed Facebook group is where you go with your questions, sharing your progress, as you wish. Specific and individualised feedback and guidance are available via a Skype consultation (read on below).


Skype consultation
Specific support for your current situation and progress, including a more tailored plan, occurs on a Skype consultation.
You don’t have to know exactly what is going on or what you need, to book a call – that’s my skill!

45 minute Skype session, including a personal program = $160 (when paid at the commencement of the Module). $200 thereafter.
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Important note
This course does not, and should not, replace your need for specific medications, other medical advice/interventions, behavioural counselling and/or nutritional support. You may find though that with continued practice and awareness, your level of medication lowers or that your attendance with other health practitioners reduces.


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