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Module 3 | Lesson 3. 4: Deep rest

Module 3 | Lesson 3. 4:
Deep rest

Deep rest in Savasana

The less time you think you have to spend in a relaxation pose, the more you need to do it!

The relaxation response is a physiological response that requires a minimum of 15 minutes to activate. The nervous system requires time and quiet to integrate change i.e. to activate the calm or parasympathetic nervous system state. When you go from here to there too quickly (sympathetic nervous system state), your nervous system cannot adapt.

Neuroscientists now show that you can set down new pathways in your brain (neural connections). You can reinforce positive changes; however you can also change old/negative behaviours. 

These poses deliberately manipulate your nervous system with the intent of stimulating the parasympathetic or calm nervous system, to promote healing and recovery. The feeling is of relaxation, often with a sense of contentment.

Follow the set-up for this position (shown in the video below) and then follow the audio beneath to enjoy deep, replenishing rest.


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