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Module 3 | Lesson 3: Supported poses for rest and release

Module 3 | Lesson 3:
Supported poses for
rest and release

Welcome to the practice of restorative yoga! Restorative yoga enhances the therapeutic benefits of yoga by supporting the body fully, to promote healing, recovery and reduces stress.

The practices are easier than you think. Whether you have 3 minutes or half an hour, these practices build a ‘memory’ trace of ease through your being. Each time you come back to ‘rest’, the effect is more noticeable and becomes simpler. It is likened to peeling layers off an onion – as each layer peels away, another layer of tension dissolves. 

Usually we need to ‘rest’ the most when we don’t have time! So aim to identify any time-wasting activities in your day, and swap these for a restorative pose.

Your set-up is important. The video below guides you through the set-up for the poses and options for support. You don’t need to go out and buy expensive yoga equipment. However to create this as a regular practice, you will find these a good investment.

How to set up and equipment required for these practices

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