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Module 4 | Lesson 4.1: What to do when you wake up?

Module 4 | Lesson 4.1 
 What to do when you wake up?

Science has identified five levels of brain-wave activity based on the electromagnetic energy of the brain. Two of these levels relate to sleep, delta and theta brain-waves. The intent of all the practices in Lesson 4 is to invoke these states again in your brain.

If you wake up (or did not get to sleep after about 20 minutes), it is important to get up and out of bed. This reminds your body/mind that bed is associated with sleep. If you watch TV, work on your laptop/phone and other things in bed, your body will not learn this connection.

When you get up it is also important to do something calming not stimulating, until you feel sleepy again. The two variations of the position below are simple and effective in activating your parasympathetic (calm) nervous system. 

Elevated legs up the wall pose

When we sacrifice quiet time for the demands of activity, our rhythms are disrupted. Positions that bring your head lower than your heart reduce the work on your internal systems, quieten the mind, and elicit the calm state of your nervous system.

Whilst it is preferable to get out of bed, if this is not possible or is difficult for you, put your legs up the wall in bed. Make sure you will be warm enough and settle there for 10 minutes. When you begin to feel sleepy again, roll over and get back under the covers, trusting that you can stay relaxed and sleep.

Elevated legs up the bed pose

As mentioned previously, it is ideal to get out of bed if you have woken up, so that you associate your bed with sleep. This position (below) can be set up beside or at the end of your bed. Again, ensure you will be comfortable and warm enough, staying for up to 10 minutes or until you are sleepy again.

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