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Module 4 | Lesson 4.2: Resetting your brainwaves

Module 4 | Lesson 4.2
Resetting your brainwaves

Naddhi suddhi + brahmari (humming) on exhalation ~ 7 mins

Naddhi suddhi, or alternate nostril breathing, is a simple, accessible pranayama technique that has many benefits when practised consistently. Pulse rate, respiratory rate, heart rate and much more have been shown by research to decrease significantly following just a few weeks of this practice.

Inhaling through the left nostril triggers the rest/relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system) and inhaling through the right stimulates the fight/flight response (sympathetic nervous system). Alternate nostril breathing brings these two opposites into balance.

The bhramari humming technique is effective in instantly calming down the mind. It frees the mind of agitation, frustration, anxiety and anger. Combining these two practices is shown to bring the brain waves to the theta state, a more conducive state to return to sleep.


Naddhi suddhi hand positions

Make a fist and release the thumb.

Release the last 2 fingers

Close off R nostril with thumb, exhale out of L.

Inhale up L nostril, close off with index finger, exhale out R.

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