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Module 4 | Lesson 4.4: Your brain waves

Module 4 | Lesson 4.4
Your brain waves

Brainwave activity, acoustic research and sleep!

Science has identified five levels of brain-wave activity based on the electromagnetic energy of the brain. Two of these states relate to sleep, delta and theta.


Frequency of cycles per second


Delta = instinct

0.5 to 3 Hz

Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

Theta = emotion

3 to 8 Hz

Deep meditation, relaxation, dreaming, REM sleep

Alpha = consciousness

8 to 12 Hz

Calm, relaxed, alert state

Beta = thought

12 to 38 Hz

Active concentration, arousal, and cognition

Gamma = will

38 to 42 Hz

Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, and consciousness


All our brain waves work together, however one brainwave can be more predominant and active than the others. The dominant brainwave will determine your current state.

In addition to the previous practices offered, which are designed to alter your brainwave state conducive for sleep, the following technology/recordings may be of interest or beneficial.

BioPulse Technology™

Tom Kenyon is a researcher, therapist, musician, sound healer and teacher. For over twenty years his research group, Acoustic Brain Research (ABR), has been a leader in the field of psychoacoustics and the use of sound and music to access the brain and mind.

Tom Kenyon’s ABR recordings use BioPulse Technology™ in which specific tones, known to affect brain states, are mixed in a tonal matrix. Research indicates that such frequencies can significantly alter your brain states.


Disclaimer: Experience Yoga is not affiliated with the work of Tom Kenyon, nor can it verify the outcomes of his research or recordings. However from personal experience and client feedback, these recordings can create natural shifts to promote sleep.

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