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Module 5 | Lesson 1.1: How to rewire the brain

Module 5 | Lesson 1.1:
How to rewire the brain

A useful way to think about how the brain works, including how it produces pain and emotional responses, is to think about an orchestra. A skilled orchestra plays thousands of tunes, different instruments contribute, new tunes can be created. However if the orchestra plays the same tune repeatedly, it becomes difficult to play anything else, creativity is lost, and audiences stay away.

In the same way, if our patterns of behaviour, thinking, ways of coping get repetitious and stuck, we become maladaptive in the world and others often stay away. However the good news is that our brains demonstrate neuroplasticity – the brain is ever changing.

So if we imagine that we have an orchestra in the brain, it’s important to have a huge repertoire! The practices in this Module enhance the brain’s capacity for change, to influence our behaviour and decision making in life, in a positive direction.

Mind-body therapy

Our health and well-being benefit from a top-down and bottom-up approach to the mind-body connection.

Top-down processes (brain down to body, by regulating attention and creating intention) are shown to reduce psychological stress, enhance immunity and reduce inflammation (pain).

Bottom-up processes (body to brain, from breathing techniques and specific movement practices) are shown to regulate nervous system function and emotional well-being.

The following practices include top-down and bottom-up approaches.


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