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Module 5 – Lesson 2.1: Balancing emotional states

Module 5 – Lesson 2.1:
Balancing emotional states

As we can let go of tension, maybe chronic tension in our bodies and breath, we often find our emotions releasing as well. Through movement and breath work we create the intention, a willingness to allow all our feelings. Once we can acknowledge sensation, emotions, how we are feeling — we build the capacity to observe and shift these emotional states, without reacting to them on impulse.

In working with the emotional body, we may pass through waves and waves of emotion. In meditation we bring mindfulness to any feelings that may be raw, irritating, unexpected. We proceed slowly, carefully, kindly.

Through deep kindness toward ourselves, we develop a greater capacity for more nuanced feeling and sensitivity. The yoga teachings espouse that this is how profound and lasting change occurs within.



Smiley breath

Often we are looking for something with a demonstrated result, even scientific proof, before we are wiling to give it a try!

This is a 5 second breathing exercise that shifts energy and lifts your mood, a natural remedy for depression and anxiety.

It’s only short – give it a go! Repeat 2-3 times – how do you feel?

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