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Module 5 – Lesson 3.1: Manage the mind

Module 5 – Lesson 3.1:
Manage the mind

Kaya Sthairyam ~ 20 minutes

Kaya sthairyam is a basic practice of concentration on the steadiness of the body. In Sanskrit, kaya means ‘body’ and sthairyam means ‘steadiness’.

Because of the interrelationship between the body and the mind, when the body becomes steady and still, the mind follows. Only when the body is absolutely steady are ready for meditation.

In the initial stage of kaya sthairyam, the body should be comfortable and relaxed in the posture. At this time the concentration is shifted from the body to the natural breath, so that the mind still has a focus. Ultimately, the awareness of the breath also subsides so that there is only awareness. 

Follow the practice below and notice any effects on steadying your mind.

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