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Experience Yoga

Move with ease

You want to move more freely in your life?

You may be stiff but are not that old!

You wish to keep your body ‘well tuned’ for the long haul!


Most of us suffer injury or pain at some time in our lives. We all get stuck in habitual ways of sitting, standing, walking, moving. This maintains discomfort throughout our body, painful sensations in our joints, stiffness, even tiredness. . A massage, treatment or drugs can help briefly but within a day or two we’re often back where we started.


Is this you?

  • you wake up stiff and sore
  • you go to the gym and have over tight muscles, joints
  • you’ve tried big group yoga classes or strong flow and come out in pain

You may be interested and surprised to know that:

  • we all unconsciously ‘hold’ muscles – this creates deeper grooves in the brain and maintains dis-ease.
  • releasing your (tight) muscles without force or strain, achieves more. It’s what happens when you do less!
  • we can learn to move without tension.
  • we have ‘cling wrap’ around our muscles, our fascia, which needs to move in every direction.

Most people who come to my business are seeking self-care for their bodies, emotions and mind for the long haul. They understand that there are no ‘quick fixes’.

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There are benefits to you!

This Module teaches you how to:

  • safely explore your physical boundaries, elongating your muscles, tendons, ligaments.
  • yield physically without collapsing, allowing you to be more receptive through your body.
  • breathe to prepare to move into, and out of, each practice.
  • not push, so to reduce over-effort and exhaustion.

This Module includes approximately 2 hours of teaching and practices: 

  • a ‘whole body cleanse’ to release physical, emotional and mental tensions, and to balance your energy flow.
  • separate video sequences of easeful movement practices in standing, sitting, lying (10–12 minutes).
  • yin poses for connective tissue re-patterning, guided by audio.
  • adaptations of classical yoga warm-ups and poses, on separate videos (12–18 minutes).

All these practices create a deeper awareness of your unconsciously held tensions and educate you to create skilful movement.

Ongoing access to the Module at any time (including updates) and group/email support is included.

This Module is based on a contemporary understanding of how to support people move and live well. For many, it will enable the establishment of helpful strategies to move despite any discomfort or pain. Andrew Briggs, Physiotherapist