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Experience Yoga

Move with less pain

Learn a range of non-drug approaches to improve your movement, mood, sleep

Teach yourself how to understand your ‘pain’ and find ease in each day

Integrate your current knowledge and skills for wholistic health

It is widely accepted that there is a current public health ‘pain’ crisis, predominantly managed with opioids, and that no single, simple solution exists. Pain is a distributed phenomenon in the brain and understanding how and why you hurt (called pain literacy) is demonstrated by research as a vital component to your healing.

Most people hold pain or discomfort somewhere in their body, breath or mind. Invariably they are also dealing with difficult emotions, interpersonal challenges, work stressors or life changes that create additional tensions.

Is this you?

  • you’ve tried different specialists, clinics, even medications, however none provide long-lasting change.
  • your pain has persisted beyond the expected recovery time or is distributed and unpredictable.
  • you don’t fully understand the reason for this nor how to change your current situation.
  • certain places, events or even thoughts improve or worsen how you experience your ‘pain’.

This Course comprises five non-pharmacological building blocks to reduce your discomfort and improve your health and well-being again. It uses the therapeutic principles of yoga (known as Yoga Therapy) to teach you how to effectively move, feel, think, accept and change both on, and off the mat.

I see several clients who I know will benefit greatly from Caroline’s comprehensive Modules. They are cleverly constructed, drawing on a range of evidence based approaches. The ease of having online access and the flexibility of selecting particular Modules as required, suits the needs of these clients perfectly. Jill, Clinical Psychologist


About your Yoga Therapist – Caroline Giles

I’ve worked in the healthcare profession for over 40 years, facilitating others to health, well-being and wholeness. This has included working in young adult neurological rehabilitation, facilitating national health research, professional writing for online mediums and quality systems management. Now as a Yoga Therapist (with a yoga business of some 15 years) I work with clients in group classes and privately for yoga therapy, who learn healthy ways to manage their injuries, health conditions, thoughts, moods and emotions for the long term.


How it works

  1. You set-up a unique online account for your own use (instructions provided by email after purchase).
  2. Online access to this Course is via each Module and a password – these are not for sharing.
  3. You can access a private Facebook group to post questions, let us know how you are going, get support from others!
  4. You can contact me with any Q about the content. If these relate to your particular health circumstances, a private Zoom session may be indicated (additional cost).
  5. You can contact me with any technical issues, glitches. However I can’t change your internet access or download speed.
  6. Any sharing of content or password will result in immediate discontinuation of use.


Please note
It is important to advise that this Course does not, and should not, replace your need for specific medications, other medical advice/interventions, behavioural counselling and/or nutritional support. You may find though that with continued practice and awareness, your level of medication lowers or that your attendance with other health practitioners reduces. If you are uncertain about proceeding, please contact me or speak with your health practitioner.



  • This Course includes more than 10 hours of guided therapeutic teaching and practices.
  • All practices are available to access on your device or your computer.
  • Your payment is by PayPal or credit card and is secure.
  • No refunds are available once the passwords are provided.


This Course costs you less than the cost of 4 private Yoga Therapy sessions with me.

It is also the equivalent cost of 3 private Psychology or Psychiatry sessions. 

It is your once off investment for continuous access to this Course, including any updates and online support.


These five Modules address the five most commonly affected areas of your life – movement, sleep, rest, emotions, mind. This price is for ongoing access to each of these Modules.


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