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Experience Yoga

Sequence B – dynamic hatha practice

Enjoy physical and emotional ‘fitness’, peak performance of bodily systems and a strong mind.

Filmed in the lush surroundings of tropical Fiji, find perfect balance of senses, body, breath and a discovery of inner peace, as you are guided through a full hatha yoga sequence.

Take a look here:

Deepen your practice

Never forget that health is much more important than muscular strength. You may lift heavy weights, run long distances, or swim for kilometres, but are you immune to illness? Even great mental ability comes second to health.

Designed to deepen the benefits of your practice wherever you are, this Sequence is separated into six guided videos:

  • warm-ups;
  • sun salutes;
  • standing balance;
  • floor sequence (backbends/forward bends/inversion/twist);
  • pranayama (breathing practice);
  • meditation.

Tailor your practice to your particular day, the time you have available or your specific needs. Complete one video or follow the Sequence one video after the other for a total practice. The complete Sequence is 70 minutes.

How it works

  1. The Sequence is set-up on an online platform, accessible via your computer or device.
  2. You set-up a unique online account for your own use (instructions provided by email after purchase).
  3. Online access to the Sequence is via a password – this is not for sharing.
  4. Any sharing of content or password will result in immediate discontinuation of use.


  • The full price is less than the cost of 2 yoga classes – and you have access forever.
  • Your payment is by PayPal or credit card and is secure.
  • No refunds are available once the password is provided.


About your Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist – Caroline Giles

I have practised traditional yoga and meditation for over 30 years now and have enjoyed teaching adults these life changing practices for over 15 years. My unique style blends modern science with ancient yogic wisdom to gift you with unique knowledge and abilities.

Caroline’s passion for yoga can be seen through her dedication to her students and her willingness to provide a calm welcoming environment. I have been going to Caroline’s weekly classes for several years now and they are fantastic. I’ve seen so much improvement in my physical and mental well-being. The small class sizes mean she can tailor to your strengths and makes for a much more personal experience. Yoga can be deceivingly difficult at times, but the benefits outweigh that inordinately. Meghan

Forget YouTube – practice with an experienced teacher giving expert guidance.
What’s stopping you?!

NB. This Sequence is designed for those with experience of yoga. Please note it is always important to seek medical guidance before commencing a different form of movement practice. Similarly if you have had a break from practising yoga or a recent change in your physical or health circumstances (like surgery), it is important to obtain an opinion. If you are uncertain about proceeding, please contact me or speak with your health practitioner.

Questions? Be bold, call me +61 0407 542 169 or email Caroline – caroline@experienceyoga.com.au



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