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Understand your pain

Chronic or persistent pain is pain that continues for more than three months after surgery, injury, disease, or from another (sometimes unknown) cause. It defies the time of normal tissue healing and has an adverse effect on work, sleep, mood, relationships.

Understanding why and how we hurt is therapy – in other words, research shows that understanding the mechanisms of pain assists in the healing process. The amount of pain experienced in the body does not always relate to the amount of tissue damage. Invariably there are sensations/discomfort that continue despite the injury/surgery/treatment being some time ago.


This Module teaches you:

  • a bio-psycho-social approach to pain and how to create change.
  • that pain is an output from the brain and that physical activity does not have to be harmful.
  • that pain exists when your credible evidence of ‘danger’ is greater than your credible evidence of ‘safety’.
  • that pain does not exist when your credible evidence of ‘safety’ is greater that your credible evidence of ‘danger’.

This Module includes approximately 2 hours of teaching and practices:

  • an audio talk on the concepts and principles that underlie modern pain management and why it is effective.
  • how to identify and change your inner obstacles that can manifest as physical symptoms.
  • a guided video on how to reset your posture, to take your body out of the overactive ‘red’ zone.
  • creating a deep sense of body awareness, to bring attention into your body and acknowledge sensations.
  • learning how to H.E.A.L your emotions and mind, to reframe your attitude towards pain.

Ongoing access to the Module at any time (including updates) and group/email support is included.

This Module is based on a contemporary understanding of how to support people move and live well. For many, it will enable the establishment of helpful strategies to move, despite any discomfort or pain. Andrew Briggs, Physiotherapist



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