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Fiji – Floor sequence easeful

Fiji – Floor sequence easeful


Backbends are particularly important in our Western culture, as we spend an inordinate amount of time bent forward on devices! This can weaken our lower back muscles and compress the spinal nerves. These practices are excellent for toning our major back muscles, whilst moving the breath deeply into the chest to uplift our energy.

Forward bends are the poses that create a quiet meditative state for the mind, as they active our calm (parasympathetic) nervous system. They promote and maintain lengthening of the spine and squeeze the abdominal organs, keeping our digestive system healthy.

Inversions are a unique practice to yoga, with innumerable benefits. They can lower blood pressure, balance metabolism, strengthen the heart and promote reproductive health.

Twists help overcome sluggishness, deeply massage the organs whilst nourishing our internal systems.

Please take a few slow breaths before pressing ‘play’, to allow the video to load fully. Enjoy!