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Experience Yoga


All modules and lessons are interactive and comprise at least 3-4 different activities/practices.
Different mediums are used to support your learning style. Information is recent, evidence-based and has been ‘chunked’ into understandable and ‘bite-size’ portions for you to use on a daily basis.

Understand your pain

Lesson 1 – Understanding your pain

Lesson 2 – Your DIM/SIMs

Lesson 3 – Reset your posture + HEAL

Lesson 4 – Lying soma scan


Move with ease

Lesson 1 – Engaging your ‘calm’ nervous system

Lesson 2 – Somatic movement repatterning

Lesson 3 – Work with your fascia

Lesson 4 – Classical yoga poses without strain

Rest, you deserve it

Lesson 1 – Balance effort and ease

Lesson 2 – Getting comfortable in the breath

Lesson 3 – Supported poses for rest and release

Enrich your sleep

Lesson 1 – Overcoming the epidemic of poor sleep

Lesson 2 – Options for relaxed sleep

Lesson 3 – Breathing techniques for restful sleep

Lesson 4 – What to do when you wake up

Manage your emotions and mind

Lesson 1 – How to rewire the brain

Lesson 2 – Balancing emotional states

Lesson 3 – Managing the mind through pranayama

Lesson 4 – Practical yoga philosophy 

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